Meet Our Team


Ashley Field, Director of Insurance & Billing Relations

Ashley has worked at Life Sprout since October 2015. She became our billing guru after completing a certification in medical billing in 2016, and also assists with front desk duties in the massage, Rolfing and PT house. All questions pertaining to your insurance coverage, payment or billing will be handled by Ashley.

Allison DeVries, Director of First Impressions

Allison joined us in August of 2016. She has years of experience working in chiropractic offices and has been a wonderful addition to the team. Her smile is usually the first thing you will see when you walk into Life Sprout.

Ivy Packee, Assistant Director of First Impressions

Ivy is a Monroe High School student who has joined us part time for the summers (and if we can convince her, some during the school year as well). When she’s not at Life Sprout, Ivy is an exceptional student and holds the title of 2016 Taekwondo Junior World Champion.

Ashlee Nester, Assistant Director of First Impressions

Ashlee has joined our team as our primary Saturday morning receptionist. Ashlee has been around the Life Sprout family for a quite a while as a former care giver for Dr. Alex’s son Fritz, and a stint as the office nanny. Her smile will be the first you see when you come into the office on a Saturday.

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