Massage Therapy

We recognize that your ability to RELAX is essential to living a life filled with vitality. If you experience back or neck pain, poor blood circulation, migraines, trouble sleeping, low energy levels, soreness, or you simply need some time to de-stress, you should consider scheduling some time with one of our massage therapists, who works with our doctors to tailor your massage to your specific health needs.

We Currently have three massage therapists working at Life Sprout. Each offers their own approach to therapeutic healing and addressing your areas of concern.

Terin Watson-Simington, LMT

Terin graduated from Alaska Community College as a therapeutic massage specialist in 2015. She specializes in trigger point therapy, prenatal & postpartum massage, and Swedish massage.

Diane Cryer, LMT

Diane graduated from the Denver Integrative Massage School and specializes in Thai yoga massage, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, trauma recovery and Swedish massage.

After your massage, you may feel younger, with increased energy, decreased pain, fewer subluxations, a strengthened immune system, and improved lymph drainage.

Heather Vest, LMT

Heather graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado as a massage therapist in 2012. Heather provides effective massage for the common discomforts of pregnancy, managing chronic pain, specific muscular issues or deep relaxation. She is proficient in Swedish, Neuro-muscular, Light Myofascial, Reflexology, Acupressure & Sports Massage techniques. She is certified in Pregnancy/Postpartum/Infant massage techniques as well, and provides unique Postpartum Care services. These services nurture the new mother back to health through restorative massage, nutritional foods and ceremony that mark this time as a rite of passage & empower the woman to mother intuitively. Outside of the world of massage, Heather enjoys bicycling, practicing yoga, farming, cooking for a crowd and playing in the woods with her two sons